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Many cultural institutions around the world have created wonderful resources for studying the Magna Carta.

Link Type of Resource Author Age Details
The 25 Barons of the Magna Carta Text Biographies Magna Carta 800 Committee 15-18 Details on each of the barons, suitable for students looking to do an in-depth study of the Barons, Magna Carta and/or medieval society.
A Short History of Australia's Copy of the Magna Carta Text Short History Australian Parliament House Education Office 11-14 Detail on the Magna Carta and the history of Parliament
Magna Carta Muse and Mentor Text Exhibition Page with Links United States Library of Congress 13-18 Extensive Links to material that traces the history and linkages between the Magna Carta and United States
Magna Carta Worksheet Text Worksheet TES Australia 11-14 Introductory worksheet on the Magna Carta
King John and the Magna Carta Lesson Text Lesson Resources TES United Kingdom 11-14 Whole lesson materials on King John and the Magna Carta, includes interactive whiteboard resource
Teaching the Magna Carta Text, Video and Links Lesson Plans British Council 7-18 A number of lesson plans from the British Council that include resources and links. Students can learn about life in the 13th Century, the Magna Carta and events around the signing of it, rights and freedoms and other aspects of medieval life.
King John and the Magna Carta Video and Online Worksheet Tiffany Oliveira 11-14 Video with questions from the United States that assists students in preparing for a deeper analysis of king John and the Magna Carta. Very good introductory activity for students
Magna Carta Videos for Schools Video Links The Magna Carta 800 Committee 7-18 Videos from around the world on the Magna Carta, the links will be updated throughout 2015.
Magna Carta and Parliament Video and Lesson Plan British Parliament 7-18 Video and lesson plan that outlines through an engaging video the signing of the Magna Carta
Explore the Magna Carta Interactive Website Hereford Cathedral 11-18 Interactive website with timeline in which students can explore the Magna Carta document
The Magna Carta and the Rule of Law Video and Lesson Resources Public Broadcasting Service 7-18 Video and support materials from the United States on the Magna Carta and the Rule of Law
An Introduction to the Magna Carta Video and Lesson Resources Public Broadcasting Service Senior High School Introduction video and resources discusses the significance of the Magna Carta.
The Significance of the Magna Carta Video CSpan Senior High School Chief Justice Roberts of the US Supreme Court on the significance of the Magna Carta.
The History Channel - Magna Carta Text and Videos The History Channel 7-15 The History Channel site for the examination of the Magna Carta, focusses on the influence on the United States.
The Magna Carta Project Schools Page Lesson Plans and Worksheets The Magna Carta Project 11-18 Series of resources that uses pictures of artefacts and text analysis to assist students in understanding the reign of King John.
Magna Carta Resource Lesson Plan and Activities Salisbury Catherdral 11-18 Resource from Salisbury Cathedral which examines modern Human Rights law in the United Kingdom and how it relates to the Magna Carta.
What is the Magna Carta Text Analysis Salisbury Catherdral 11-18 Resource from Salisbury Cathedral on ‘What is the Magna Carta’. An overview of the document itself. Good for all students, although teachers may have to scaffold the information for younger students.

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The British Council - Magna Carta (1946)The British Council - Magna Carta (1946)


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